After 24 years experience, E-Berk accomplished the first domestic TBM production in May, 2017 and TBM Factory established with the investment of 30 Million Euro; as of the year 2018 Factory has a capacity of manufacturing 12 TBMs annually. Now, it is possible to manufacture all kinds of TBMs in the Factory according to the ground conditions such as; Earth Pressure Balanced, Slurry Type, Single and 3m shielded up to 11 meters in diameter.

E3301 TBM

E-Berk has a Research and Development (R&D) Center to focus to design and manufacture of complete TBM Systems. The center’s studies have resulted in an indigenously developed and manufactured E-BERK’s product TBM E-3301 named “Anadolu” in 2017. Anadolu being the first TBM of Turkey has been in use successfully since May 2017 in Ergene Deep Discharge Waste Water Transmission Tunnel Project of Turkey. Anadolu TBM has CE markings with a diameter of 3250mm. Currently, TBM manufacturing capacity of E-BERK in different types and in diameters is up to 12 per year.

E3301 ANADOLU TBM has been designed exclusively for use in excavations aimed at tunneling operations. It has also auxiliary equipment that is required during the excavation of the TBM. The first TBM and rolling stock design and manufacture completed in approximately 40 weeks.

  • Diameter: 3,25 m

  • Length: 92 m

  • Power : 800 kVA
  • Torque : 534 – 981 kNm

  • Jacking Force : 10889 kN

E-3302 EPB TBM

E-BERK, TÜBİTAK TEYDEB yerli teşvik programı desteği ile 3250mm çapında ve CE belgeli E-3302 EPB TBM sahiptir.

  • Diameter: 3,25 m

  • Length:  60 m

  • Power : 800 kVA
  • Torque : 904  kNm

  • Jacking Force :10682