Micro Tunnel Boring Machine

Make life easier with the E-BERK Micro series.

E-Micro series micro tunnel applications are specially designed for your projects. With special push stations for limited shafts, you can achieve high capacities in tight spaces. E-Micro series provides high efficiency in different geological formations. Soft, hard and mixed floors specially designed for the cutting head and support system to achieve trouble-free progress in all conditions. With the E-Micro series, it is possible to overcome all possible difficulties. With the experience we have gained, all the scenarios that can be experienced in the project formation are created and the back support system is designed by our experienced engineers. In this way, you can move comfortably with the E-Micro in an unexpected formation.


The method of micro tunneling comes with many advantages compared to other methods. In addition to the features such as faster and more precise progress compared to old methods, personal needs, carbon emissions, noise, pollution, vibration, and nature damage are much less. A pipe jacking machine is an excavation machine that can excavate the soil from a small shaft on the ground and transferred to excavation material to the outside of the shaft. The pipe that is placed behind the machine is pushed by the thrust cylinders and this allows the machine to excavate the soil, due to the thrust station which provides the progress of this machine.

After 24 years experience, E-Berk accomplished the first domestic TBM production in May, 2017 and TBM Factory established with the investment of 30 Million Euro; as of the year 2018 Factory has a capacity of manufacturing 12 TBMs annually. Now, it is possible to manufacture all kinds of TBMs in the Factory according to the ground conditions such as; Earth Pressure Balanced, Slurry Type, Single and 3m shielded up to 12 meters in diameter.


E-BERK has also designed and manufactured and delivered recently an EPB Micro TBM (E 2301 ASYA Micro TBM) with a diameter of 2300 mm to be used in Rades Cooling Water Transmission Project in Tunisia. Similar to Anadolu, E 2301 Asya micro TBM is also the first machine manufactured in Turkey in this class.


As part of the Rades project, the E 2301 Model Micro Tunneling Machine (MTBM) has been specially designed by E-Berk engineers for use in excavation purposes. It is also equipped with the equipment that will be required during the excavation of MTBM and was completed in approximately 22 weeks.

  • Diameter : 2,45 m
  • Length : 10 m
  • Weight : 36 Tons
  • Power : 650 kVA
  • Torque : 457 – 650 kNm


E-Berk works with recognized parts which brands have been proven by quality. Rexroth, ABB, Siemens etc. Despite all of this we offer all the competitive prices for your tunnel projects.