Strategic Partner for Tunnel Projects

Through its extensive experience in TBM technology, EBERK participates in Tunnel Construction Projects as contractor including TBM operation & excavation, segment manufacturing and other Tunnel Construction activities.

E-BERK’s years long experience on TBMs has proved invaluable when the company ventured into the tunnel construction business. Coupled with its technical know-how over Tunnel Boring Machines and the efficient operation techniques, company has been able to sustain a faster and higher quality tunnel building operation compared to the industry standards in similar geological conditions. Today, E-BERK’s Tunnel Building arm is operating 4 TBMs at three tunnel building projects.

Tekirdag Corlu Project

Length: 20000m

Tunnel Usage: Deep Discharge Transmission

On the European side of Turkey, E-BERK Tunnel Building is busy building two separate tunnels, totalling almost 20 Kilometers long. The tunnels are part of the large ‘Ergene Project’ to clean the highly industrialized and polluted Ergene region and will be used for conveying the treated waste water from the treatment facilities to the Marmara sea after the treatment. The first of the tunnels, ‘Tunnel A’ is 9.980 meters long with 7.640 meters of the tunnel has been completed. The ‘Tunnel B’ is 9.738 meter long of which 1.423 meters has been completed to this day.

Mersin Pamukluk Project

Length: 4716m

Tunnel Usage: Barrage Water Conveyance

Another tunnel building E-Berk operating is Mersin Pamukluk Dam Water Conveyance tunnel. Building of the tunnel is now at its 3.990 meter of the total length of 4.716 meters.

Gaziantep Nurdag Project

Length: 9800m

Tunnel Usage: High Speed Train

Built in a geologically extremely challenging area, 9660 meter long Bahçe-Nurdağ Tunnel will be Turkey’s longest railway tunnel when completed. Currently the building of the tunnel has reached to its 1030th meter.