E-Berk Tunneling and Foundation Technologies

Our sales and technical teams provides extensive support to our customers not only for before sales processes but also after delivery processes.

Works to keep the customer satisfied and increase customer satisfaction

Works to make the deliveries of the equipment per the contract delivery terms and schedule


Evaluates the customer requests and complaints immediately and takes the corrective actions to make the necessary developments on the equipment

Works to make the equipment received for overhaul and repair (both in and out of warranty period) be active per the contract terms and schedules

Provides support for the test equipment, spare part,documentation and training requirements to the customers who desire to obtain overhaul and repair capability

Constantly changing and evolving nature of the today’s business environment leads variations in demand.
E-BERK’s fulfills the highest level of expectations in the shortest time with the help of its efficient and flexible production systems, large stocks capacity and customer-oriented approach.